Dinner in the Yukon

We have heard rave reviews of a German Restaurant in the Yukon Territory at Haines Junction. Only a 150 mile trip up the road, we decided to journey forth and spend the night. This drive is accomplished along one of the world's beautiful highways, so we were glad to wait for, and find a nice day to enjoy the view.

  The road heading our of Haines follows the Chilkat River, which is fed from glacial melt from atop the pass, and the Tatsenshini-Alsek Range.

click here for video A fun stop at Million Dollar Falls. This used to be a link to an mpeg video that has since disappeared.

Looking at Kluane Provincial Park, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Raven hosts a hotel and gourmet restaurant. Wearing many silver stars, the Raven is acclaimed to be the best restaurant in Alaska and the Yukon, and one of the 50 best restaurants in Canada. We agree. The attention given to every detail, and to his guest's satisfaction, by Hans made this dining experience one of the high points of our trip to Alaska and beyond. Try the Elk Schnitzel! Tell him Tom sent you!

Sunsets come late this far north. Time: 23:00

yukon7.jpg (61661 bytes)  Nobody misses this fun sculpture while in Haines Junction.

Not all glaciers are made of ice. This fun little walk took us up a rock glacier.

The walk up to St. Elias Lake is an easy 4 km with no bear or moose sightings today.