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Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes, and this page is an attempt to share the adventures with friends, while providing interesting and informative links to websites related to those travels that I and others might find useful.

Travels accomplished to date include trips to Baja, a river journey down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and numerous Alaskan adventures, including a backpacking adventure retracing the steps of the Klondike stampeders.

Travelogue Directory

Baja : An account of our trip down the California Peninsula during the spring of 1997.

The Shakedown : Just a little ditty about an overnight backpack trip. I've received such good feedback about this piece that I have decided to include it.

Rafting through the Grand Canyon :  An account of our 21 day trip down the Colorado River in May, 1997. Hair raising tales, and my first video clip! (oh boy!)

Backpacking the Chilkoot Trail : Join us as we retrace the path of the Stampeders who searched for gold during the Klondike gold rush.

Southeast Alaska : We continue to explore the Inside Passage and panhandle of Alaska.

Baja: '98 : A quick trip down to Ensenada for spring break, with a few side trips.

Alaska 1999 : Can't get enough of the northern latitudes. Join us as we revisit some of our favorite places in southeast Alaska and further discover what lies in the country.

Northern Exposure:  Long nights were expected, but warm days were not on our trip to Alaska for Christmas.

Alaska 2000 Pictorial : We are back in the northern reaches again! Six weeks in Haines, without the long winded travelogue, just a lot of pictures for you visual types.



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