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information about me and where I live, including Death Valley links, and links to southern California earthquake information. Updated 10/2009

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This is a directory of URL locations containing travelogues of our adventures. Currently includes stories and related links to Baja, the Grand Canyon, and Alaska.

 Photo Gallery: Here is a collection of pictures we have taken of "the Valley" and other points of interest

Just a spot to enjoy some funny stuff that people have sent along. Includes archives to all past humor pages.

Archives: Anything and everything you might have missed, or might like to see again from the Monthly Specials included on this page.


 Anything and everything that's anywhere near current  - This is where to look for current events and recent happs

 Saline Valley Art


What's New on the Ranch

I'm giving up on regular updates, so please be happy to see new postings of various pages listed here

Anything and everything that's anywhere near current  - This is where to look for current events and recent happs

Glacier Bay - 2001 - A pictorial of our first trip to Alaska/Canada's World Heritage Wilderness, where we float a bunch of desert rats around in some chilly ice water.

 Building in Alaska - Summer 2002, we built a little carriage house on our property up in Alaska, where we can enjoy the property while we build La Casa Mejor. This is a little (?) pictorial of four weeks worth of progress.

Building in Alaska 2003 - finishing up the "Garage-mahal"

Building in Alaska 2005-2006 - Having completed the guest house (su casa), we have moved down the hill to work on the main house. This is a photoshop complied show illustrating the progress on "Mi Casa," from lot to roof.

The Chilkat Dancers - Pictorial of a local dance troupe in Haines, Alaska, choreographed by Tresham Gregg,      who also designed and carved the masks.

Dave's 50th Birthday Party - A collection of pictures of a wild night celebrating our good friend's good life.



Ringwald's Law of Household Geomety

(I think this is Carolyn's Law as well)

Any horizontal surface is soon piled up.



The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom - William Blake


All kidding aside, if you've had enough of this serious stuff, this site might put that smile back on your face with some humor.

This season's laugh: YOU KNOW YOU LIVE WHERE WHEN...

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No pencil or paper allowed for this one -- and no calculators either! See if you can do this multiplication in your head. You have two minutes. Ready? Go!

2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 1/2 x 10 x 0 x 7 = ?

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Dyslexic Dilemma: Can you select five letters and arrange them so that they spell words that are the opposite of one another? (Hint: the words both begin with "U")


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