Building Mi Casa - 2007 (and beyond)

The Daylight Basement

The first order of business was to drywall the kitchenette, bathroom and boiler room so we might be able to move into the basement portion of the house, in hopes of renting out the GarageMahal, which has become known as Su Casa, as a licensed business in Haines. A week after listing Su Casa, we had it rented through the end of May, and had two weeks to make the move into Mi Casa.

Prior to dry walling, we finished the wiring, hanging of canned lights, insulation, and vapor barrier of the basement space.



Long familiar framing takes on the look of actual rooms. All of a sudden, things begin to appear smaller.



This is the finished hallway, albeit without doors yet, which leads to the "Man Cave" where I have set up all my tools and supplies in a room that will eventually become a home theater room.



Setting up cabinets for Carolyn, who has now fully moved in and set up shop.



Taking on the appearance of a Japanese dojo, we covered framing with butcher paper, (the do call it wall paper, don't they?), and our little home becomes a very comfortable space.


Much of my summer was spent running electrical wire upstairs, hanging light fixtures (65 of them) and putting up insulation and vapor barrier. Pictures on the left were taken at the end of the 2006 season, and pictures on the right were taken at the end of 2007. Note in the lower pictures that window seat framing has replaced the original framing. Both windows will have seats, with shelves on either side.

The upstairs is now ready to be dry walled this fall, and with good fortune, we will be able to move upstairs next summer and work on finishing off the basement section.


Luck wasn't quite with us, but we persevered and had our finish work done by January. Custom birch cabinets from trees taken down on our property. Here's the new look:


The living room, at the end of summer 2007:


And progress through January 2009. Window seats are trimmed in our birch, and a fireplace makes for a cozy compliment to a wondrous view


things are getting cozy in 2010 with the fireplace front finished, and creature comforts accumulating slowly


Move on to see work on the deck and the setting of the hot tub

Deck-a-dent work - 2007

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