Engineering Mathematics

Every new engineer must learn early that it is never good taste to designate the sum of two quantities in the form:

1+1 = 2                                         (1)

Anyone who has made a study of advanced mathematics is aware that: 1 = ln e and that

1 = sin2x + cos2x

further: 2 = 

Therefore, Eq. (1) can be expressed more scientifically as:

ln e + (sin2x + cos2x)  =                                              (2)

This may be further simplified by use of the relations:

1 = cosh y and e  =   (1+)Z

Equation (2) may therefore be rewritten:

ln[] + (sin2x + cos2x)  =             (3)

At this point it should be obvious that Eq. (3) is much clearer and more easily understood that Eq. (1). Other methods of a similar nature could be used to clarify Eq. (1) but these are easily discovered once the reader grasps the underlying principles.