Chili Bob's Dead President's Day Memorial Service and Softball Game

A good time was had by all observing President's Day, playing the traditional softball game, and remembering our friend Chili Bob, who always wanted it....anyway!

Chili Bob made a grand show at the "starting gun" of this years ceremony. Click the link  to download a QuickTime video of what Dapper Dan characterizes as "Chili's Last Blow" (2.0 MB)

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Inyos   The Inyo Mountains always provide the perfect backdrop        

Balloon Bob We're excited!

Bob n Dave  Hardware and hardchargers!

Documenting Taking it on home

Carolyn A majorette

Chili Bob    Immortalized in diamond plate, Bob prepares to oversee the game

Chili Bob  Bob has never been so well hung

Chili Bob    This man wouldn't complain if we hung him with an old cable

Chili Bob    Our thoughts are with you CHILI BOB!

Chili Butt    This has got to hurt!

Chili Bob   Bob takes his position in the outfield

Hosts    Portrait of the artist as a camphost!

Bush Beer  The original Hair of the Dog

Denise    Denyse is a merry mourner

Hotlips What a kisser!

Flags Lets run em up the pole and see who salutes!

Garbage Mike Garbage Mike is true to his colors

Gordon Gordon is damn foolish

Long Beach Bob     Long Beach Bob plans to campaign for governor next term

Saline Men's Chow Michelle displays classic grace

Buns Always forgiving, Gail turns the other cheek

Dave Dave plans to campaign for Pope next term

Peace Mountain Peace to all!



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