Valley Shots

pax vobiscum

Welcome to my photo gallery of our "secret" valley. Well, its not a valley, its a bolson, and its been so long since it has been a secret I can't remember. These are some really old photos, in many cases, and not all of them are mine, obviously.

For the record, all photos contained herein are presented with the permission of the subject or photographer.

Index of Gallery Pages

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 Saline Valley Art

Historical Perspectives: A work in progress of "then" and "now" pictures of the valley.

Doo Dah Daze: No pictures of the valley, just of the family born of the valley and some of the crazy things they do in their spare time.

The virtual reality valley panorama: an interesting perspective provided by G. Donald Bain

Chili Bob's Dead President's Day Memorial Service and Softball Game

The B-24 crash site on the lakebed

The wedding at Cerro Gordo

McElvoy Canyon: Take a virtual tour of the CGNPS's favorite campsite at the base of the Inyo Mountains. BYOB!

Imported Valley Photos: great shots from the Web, courtesy of the Department of Fish and Game, and discovered by Brother Bob.

Winter Wonderland

Doin' the dunes

A balloon ride with Bob

In Memorium: a tribute to Lucky Rich

Many people write me asking for road information. I am happy to give such information when I can, and can usually recommend sources for current informtion. One such source is the Death Valley National Park Tourist Information which contains updates on road conditions around the park, including our special valley. Another excellent source is Death Valley Talk

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