The Road Less Traveled

Lee Flat - President's Day 2008



Big Dodd Springs

San Lucas Canyon

Blackrock Well



Blackrock Well is an obscure canyon cut into the basalt of Darwin Plateau on Lee Flat. It is the location of one of the best collection of petroglyphs in the region. There are no trails leading here, so you have to find your way as best as you can based on maps, or GPS. If you're lucky, and find the silver post next to the joshua tree, you will have found the launch for the shortest walking distance to the canyon; 1.5 miles.


Looking down the canyon toward where we came from. The Sierra Nevada loom in the background:


Inside the canyon, evidence of an ongoing human presence, most likely waiting for animals to come use a spring that no longer flows in our dry climate:




Some petroglyphs are more recent than others, and further suggest an interesting regional history:


A panorama of Lee Flat, taken during our walk back to the launching point:


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