The Road Less Traveled

Lee Flat - President's Day 2008



Big Dodd Springs

San Lucas Canyon

Blackrock Well


From Grapevine Canyon, descending into Saline Valley, there's a trail head, that cuts up the canyon and leads over to a series of fault controlled springs known as Big Dodd, and Little Dodd Springs. We found an unnamed spring as well, that had water flowing, that we coined Dodi Springs.


Here are some shots hiking up the trail to the ridge, looking down at the south pass to Saline Valley in Grapevine Canyon. The plan is to follow the GPS waypoints and McAllister's geologic map of the Ubehebe Peak quadrangle to locate the springs, and hopefully drop down into lower Grapevine Canyon and walk back up to the truck.



A grand view is to be had, from the ridge top, looking over the Nelson and Inyo Ranges, sweeping across Saline Valley, and the Last Chance Range of Death Valley and the Lippincott Mine District.


A shot of Little Dodd Springs, and climbing up from Little Dodd on the way to Big Dodd. We didn't see any water flowing in Little Dodd. If it had not been for GPS, based on the number of active springs mapped, I would have taken this for Big Dodd. This is how we can to coin the unmapped spring: Dodi Springs.


Big Dodd Springs had a lot of water running in it, and although the springs were rather brown and drab in the winter season, the upside was the lack of rattlesnakes, which often populate such oases. Rumor has it, there is a trail the Big Dodd from the Lippincott Mine, which might have been part of an old cavalry trail.


Dropping down into lower Grapevine was a gamble, but to take the high road again would have been for a long and exhausting day, that would have found us hiking after dark. We were worried about finding water falls, and we did, but they were all navigable, either by scrambling or side routes.



Lower Grapevine was well grown in, and it was rough making out way through the growth. We were glad for the occasional livestock trails we were able to find. Each spring is well marked by a side canyon, and each looks like interesting hiking. We did make it back to the truck while there was still a bit of light. Estimated length of our hike is about seven miles. I neglected to log the trip on the GPS unit. Next time?

      In lower Grapevine, at the mouth of Big Dodd Springs canyon


You can see the south pass road in the distance, as we climb up Grapevine


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